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Condo Chronicle, Summer 2017

Inside this Issue

  • Message From The Board Of Directors
  • Woodlands Condominiums
  • Developer’s Opinion: Ownership Vs. Rentals
  • Dealing With Pressure From Condominium Investors
  • Dispute Resolution Through Mediation

Condo Chronicle, Fall 2016

Inside this Issue

  • Message From The Board Of Directors
  • Forest Hills Condominium Corporation
  • Canadian Condominium Statistics
  • Eight Obvious Signs of Conflict
  • CM 100 Condominium Management Course Report
  • Notice of Annual General Meeting
  • News From The National Scene

Condo Chronicle, Fall 2015

Inside this Issue

  • Message From The Board Of Directors
  • Place Bonaventure Condominium
  • Developing An Emergency Evacuation Plan Windermere’s Experience
  • Notice Of Annual General Meeting & Seminar
  • News From The National Scene
  • CCI-National Spring Conference 2016

Condo Chronicle, Spring 2015

Inside this Issue

  • Townsite Condominiums – A West Coast Perspective
  • What Does "Wilful" Mean Anyway?
  • The Common Expenses Conundrum

Condo Chronicle, Summer 2014

Inside this Issue

  • Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) History & Successes
  • A Condo Director’s Survival Guide
  • Planning And Conducting Your Annual General Meeting
  • National Spring Conference Winnipeg, Manitoba

Condo Chronicle, Winter 2013

Inside this Issue

  • Empire Village – A Self-Managed Condominium Corporation
  • Protect Your Condo from Water Damage
  • Rapid Growth of Condominium Development in the St. John's Area
  • Condominium Lien Enforcement – Paid in Full

Condo Chronicle, Summer 2012

Inside this Issue

  • Huge growth in St. John's condo market
  • Message from the Board
  • Buyers Beware! Directors Be 'More' Aware!! Professionals Be 'Much More' Aware!!!
  • What is the Standard Unit?

Condo Chronicle, Fall 2010

Inside this Issue

  • Certainties in Life – Death, Taxes and Condo Fees
  • A Community within a City
  • Condominium Living: Two Perspectives

Condo Chronicle, Summer 2009

Inside this Issue

  • Do's and Don'ts for Reserve Fund Expenditures
  • Condominium Legislation
  • Ten Questions On Reserve Fund Studies

CCI-Review, Winter 2007/2008

Table of Contents

  • Message from the President
  • Human Rights Symposium
  • November Board Report
  • Privacy Update
  • New National Board Members
  • Condo Cases across Canada
  • Chapter Chatter
  • CCI Fellowship Service Awards
  • CCI Chapter Winners
  • National Awards Dinner

CCI-Review, Fall 2007

Table of Contents

  • Message from the President
  • How can I be a Great Condominium Director?
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Some Reminders and Tips on Ways to Ensure Your Safety
  • The Invisible Director
  • Condo Cases across Canada
  • Chapter Chatter
  • Improving Communication in the Condominium Setting


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