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Topics of Local Interest

Business / Professional Developer’s Opinion: Ownership vs. Rentals 
Condominium Corporation vs. Home Owners Association – What Are The Issues?
Condo Profiles Bayview Condominiums: A Modern Living Space on the West Coast
Carriagehouse Condominium: An Historical Downtown Property with a Varied Industrial Heritage
Empire Village – A Self-Managed Condominium Corporation
Five-nine on Roosevelt Condominiums
Forest Hills Condominium Corporation
Imperial Condominium Corporation
McKee's Grove Condominium Corporation
Place Bonaventure Condominium
The Windermere Condominium
Townsite Condominiums - A West Coast Perspective
Westview Village Condominium
Woodlands Condominiums
Chapel Hill Condominiums: Historic Charm in the Downtown


General Condo Information The Bonaventure Community Garden
Buyers Beware! Directors Be ‘More’ Aware!! Professionals Be ‘Much More’ Aware!!!
Caledonia Place Condominium Corporation: The Ongoing Story of a Repurposed Church
Canadian Condominium Statistics
Certainties in Life – Death, Taxes and Condo Fees 
Condominium Director Training Strategies 
A Condo Director’s Survival Guide 
Condominium Living: Two Perspectives 
Dealing With Pressure from Condominium Investors
Electric vehicles (EVS) are coming!!! 
Electric Vehicles (EVs) – an Update 
Experience of the Imperial Condominium Corp. With Persons Taking Up Residence in Our Entrance Foyer 
HST Misconception a Sleeping Giant: Not All Condo Fees Exempt from Harmonized Sales Tax 
Overview of the Latest Update to the Condominium Information Program
Planning and Conducting Your Annual General Meeting
Preventive maintenance plans (PMPs) 
We've Only Just Begun: The Quest to Make Our Building Electric Vehicle (EV) Ready

Health and Safety Condominium Electrical Power Issues
Developing an Emergency Evacuation Plan: Windermere's Experience 
Experience of the Imperial Condominium Corp. With Persons Taking Up Residence in Our Entrance Foyer 
Radon Gas – What is it and what are the risks in your condo
Security Issues In Multi-Level Condominiums
Thoughts arising from on the Florida condo collapse

Insurance Commercial Condominium Insurance Thoughts For 2024
Condominium Corporations with Different Sized Units - The Implications
Condominium Hot Water Heater Narrative
Enormous Champlain Towers Legal Settlements: Possible Implications for NL Condo Insurance Costs
Hot Water Heaters: Be vigilant and Pro-Active!
How condominium corporations can secure better and more affordable insurance coverage
Protect Your Condo from Water Damage
Shutting Down and Draining Your Sprinkler System After a Sprinkler Pipe Break
Signs For Optimism in the Condo Insurance Market?
What is the Standard Unit?

Legal Amendments to the Condominium Act: Virtual meetings and virtual voting
Condominium Legislation
Condominium Lien Enforcement – Paid in Full 
Data Analysis of the Condominiums Listed in the NL Registry
Dispute Resolution through Mediation
Enormous Champlain Towers Legal Settlements: Possible Implications for NL Condo Insurance Costs
Jeopardising Your Condo’s Non-Profit Status
Report from the Registrar of Condominiums 
Some Thoughts on Condominium Legislation
The Registry of Condominiums: What boards should know
What Does “Wilful” Mean Anyway?
Condo reps meet with government officials

Property Management Buyers Beware! Directors Be ‘More’ Aware!! Professionals Be ‘Much More’ Aware!!!
CM 100 Condominium Management Course Report
Dealing with a Major Cost Overrun
Eight Obvious Signs of Conflict
From the National Scene – 7 Ways to Completely Sabotage Your Condo’s Communications
The Common Expenses Conundrum
Real Estate Buyers Beware! Directors Be ‘More’ Aware!! Professionals Be ‘Much More’ Aware!!!
Huge Growth in St. John’s Condo Market
Rapid Growth of Condominium Development in the St. John’s Area
Reserve Fund Do’s and Don’ts for Reserve Fund Studies
Ten Questions on Reserve Fund Studies
Understanding Your Reserve Fund Study: Basic Principles

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NL Legal Issues

CCI NL is aware of these cases involving interpretations of some aspects of condominium law and practice in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Some decisions are from judges in court, some are from other adjudicators in administrative tribunals. It should always be remembered that unique facts often dictate legal outcomes. Please consult with your own legal advisor before acting on any fact situation, even one that may appear to be similar.

Posted April 14, 2021

The condominium corporation had amended its by-laws to restrict occupants of the units to persons aged 55 or older.  The Complainant (who is under age 55) had entered into an agreement to purchase a unit in the condominium.  Before completing the purchase, he asked the condominium corporation to repeal or amend the by-law (to allow him to occupy the unit).  The corporation did not repeal or amend the by-law.  The Complainant did not proceed with the purchase, but then brought this complaint to the Human Rights Commission and Board of Inquiry.

The Board of Inquiry agreed with the Complainant, and found that the condominium’s by-law is discriminatory.  The Board of Inquiry held that the by-law is not protected by the exemption, in Section 12 (4) of the Human Rights Act, which applies to rental properties (where all occupants of the rental property are required to be 55 years of age or older). 

The Board of Inquiry ordered the condominium corporation to amend or repeal its by-laws to remove the age restrictions.  The Board of Inquiry also ordered the condominium corporation to pay $4000 in general damages to the Complainant. 


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